Wundr Studio, 14014 NW Passage No. 234, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292, 310-801-5223

Wundr Studio is a creative agency dedicated to the art and soul of business communications.

Strategic minds joined to aesthetic souls, we're driven by our passion for developing marketing strategies
and innovative visual solutions. Focusing on the essence of the value and nature of your business, we create
engaging and compelling brand stories that translate meaningful insights into client value.

Once a brand has an authentic narrative, it needs to be told in a captivating, provocative and relevant way.
The power of images to create emotional connections is unequalled. This emotional engagement inspires
action and customer response. The ability to deliver those customer experiences through an ever-expanding
dimension of traditional and digital media creates greater opportunities to profit from that power.

Inspired by innovation, we thrive in the ever-shifting technology and media landscape. We work with
creative companies, architects and designers that share our passion for new methods and solutions.

Whether you need fresh images for existing marketing campaigns, revitalized brand positioning or entirely
new communication programs, we excel in creating work imbued with such intensity and impact that it truly
presents your business in a vibrant light.

Los Angeles based we work extensively throughout North America. For information please call or
email Wundr Studio.

Case Studies available on request.

We write brand strategies and create brand positioning that engenders distinctive advertising and marketing
campaigns that connect people to brands. We execute these campaigns through copy, image production
and final design. 
When it comes to establishing a unique brand feel for your design work, photography is your single most
powerful tool. We create a consistent and meaningful visual language for our client's reference photography
and distribute those images through online media. A&D firms are increasingly recognizing the strategic value
of online marketing and social media to promote market positioning and business development. 
Bringing brands to life requires that you speak to your consumers at eye-level in the most relevant ways.
As part of new and ongoing marketing and advertising campaigns for clients large and small, we produce
work instilled with authenticity, vividness, vitality and humanity.

Wundr Studio provides a single source for photography, design and printing for the fashion industry.
Producing beautiful photography and engaging advertising and promotional materials that complement the
creative vision of each collection.

Wundr Studio produces imagery that captures the intrinsic beauty of products in a seductive, intriguing and
meaningful way. Our work is more about a feeling, an emotive power that inspires customers through captivating
images that are both accurate and alluring. We create consistently refined results that clearly promote specific
brand identity in a compelling way.

Our style evokes mood and atmosphere in a color-saturated, expressive style that is elegant, graphic and highly
textural. With an emphasis on beauty, every image we produce resonates with feeling – a revelation of memory
and emotions, insight and awe.

Wundr Studio, 14014 NW Passage, No. 234, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292,  310-801-5223

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